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Israel Still Massacring Kids and Disabled People with Snipers and the World Says Nothing

Israel Still Massacring Kids and Disabled People with Snipers and the World Says Nothing

By Dark Politricks

As Israel carries on massacring women, children and disabled people, using the excuse that they were all Hamas, when that was plainly wrong.

There may have been some Hamas fighters in the protest but for snipers to kill women and kids is just disgusting and I expect a security council vote and veto by the USA as they always do.

The protest is about their storage in Gaza the biggest open air prison on earth and Israel is using the excuses of Syrian fire, people with burning tyres attacking them (against one of the most sophisticated armies in the world), Hamas organisation when it was the adversary of their displacement.

Why do we let Israel get away with this?

Why does the US shut their mouth – the Saudi Petrodollar agreement, Israels hold over the US Congress and the fact that the US thinks that it and Israel can just start wars and kill innocent people with no recompense.

The USA is the most dangerous country in the world. They believe they can just enter other countries and bomb them for the sake of Israel or mineral resources.

No other country does this.

Others may follow along the US Axis of War like the UK, French and Israelis but now that Iran has stopped selling it’s oil in US dollars (the Petrodollar), the US press and UK press are going to be pushing hard on Iran and maybe even going so far as to start a war with Iran as they have with previous nations who dared stop using the petrodollar.

This is where all oil has to be bought in dollars, so countries have to transfer first from their own currency to US money before buying the oil.

In return Saudi Arabia, a 7th century hell hole that jails and whips gang raped women, and sends US armaments, that they buy in the billions, to send to Jihadists in Syria and other nations, as well as Wahabist terrorists across the world.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want to stop Iran becoming a strong player in the region, however they forget that it was the war in Iraq that was holding a balance between Kurds, Sunnis and the Shi’ites in the south near Iran.

Iran shouldn’t forget what happened when Iraq and Libya stopped using the dollar, they used false flags and WMD BS, bombings before UN reports their data to be incorrect like the recent Syrian attack and then convince the masses on their owned MSM news channels to follow along.

Killing hundreds of thousands of people, leaving Libya a terrorist playground, turning Iraq and Syria into a bombed out mess, the creation of ISIS which even the CIA funnels weapons from Libya to Syria to, before training their supposed enemy to fight President Assad and Russia.

If we had any morals at all we would be bombing Saudi Arabia and forcing Israel to stop their massacres on innocent people.

However we make money from war, our arms industries are some of the most profitable in the world. Why stop the Saudis and US massacring the poorest nation on the planet, causing disease and famine in Yemen for morals.

It seems only the US can dictate moral behaviour, start preemptive wars which they banned after Nuremberg and drop freedom and democracy from the air on the end of a drone when they don’t even have it at home.

The UK has already started printing stories about English prisoners in Iranian jails and US news shows attack Palestinians for daring to try and break out of their open air prison.

I mean a man killed by a sniper sitting in a wheelchair must have been a suicide bomber waiting to attack….

I have here a list of Jimmy Dore Videos which lay it out for you.

The Jimmy Dore Show

Watch the The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

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Jeremy Scahill and US professor debunk recent chemical attack and remind people how the USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

Jeremy Scahill and US professor debunk recent chemical attack and remind people how the USA killed 1,000 civilians in a single month

By Dark Politricks

In this episode of Jimmy Dore’s show he shows Jeremy Scahill probably giving his last appearance on CNN as he tells the truth about Syria, the civilians killed, and the USA training our supposed enemy Al-Qaeda to fight President Assad.

Jimmy Dore then talks about how the US news is basically state media when it comes to war.

As soon as one breaks out and they get hard on’s, like Brian Williams, over the missiles exploding killing civilians, and they all suddenly follow the pro-war neo-con establishment line.

They sack journalists who dare to speak out against the wars and attack Russia Today for its pro-Russian state TV line which is no different from the US media when it comes to war.

6 supposedly independent news outlets from left-wing to right all suddenly becoming state sponsors of war and never mentioning the casualties they are causing with their blanket bombing and “collateral damage” i.e massacres.

People like Larry King, Ed Schultz, Lee Camp are all Americans who work on Russia Today,commenting on American news but are called “Foreign Agents” by the US government.

Watch the discussion about how the US media never tell the other side about wars, despite false flag attacks such as the recent chemical attack already being debunked by US professors.

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Why you should read MY ARTICLES on #altnews

By Dark Politricks

Who should follow me? Well let me lay it out for you in one article which you can find on darkAnyone who interested in news that is:

-Anti Establishment -
-Anti War / Peace e.g Not thinking a Russian is under your bed when you go to bed.
-Doesn't support the Petrodollar and the US doing anything for Israel and Saudi Arabia because they probably cleared Fort Knox out decades ago.
-Free Health care for everybody - even in the richest country on earth e.g USA

-A cut back on the US Empire by shutting at least half of their military bases around the world, ending the multi trillion dollar wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and all the other places we don't realise. Navy SEALS and Army Rangers are probably stalking, raping, killing in Africa right now then blaming it on the local militias as false flags.

Just as the Israeli's did in Iraq. Dress up as US soldiers then film themselves driving the roads just randomly shooting people to foment resentment and internal strife - plus guerrilla war against the USA.

-That false flags exist >

-That Russia isn't a utopia but we made a promise to them that we would not move NATO an inch forward towards it if they allowed the Berlin Wall to crumble and the Eastern Block to crack. Can you imagine the USA's response if there were as many Russian bases surrounding the states as there are US bases around Russia/China.

-Education should be free for life for everybody. To retrain for the new economies and just to learn philosophy in your 50's because you want to. You know that Stalin and many other dictators favourite philosopher was Plato and his book "the Republic" because Plato decided the only way to control society was to have a dictator who could get things done properly, but who didn't want the job, and had enough philosophical knowledge to treat his people fairly and equally.

Shame that link is always mentioned between dictators and Plato as we currently live in an Oligarchy of the rich 1% corporatist war machine, money fakers from Wall St who own Congress at the moment. A dictator may get decisions made and done quickly but the people need to put forward THEIR ideas for policies and have politicians come and get your vote.

-Ban lobbyists like the NRA and AIPAC and any group that has revolving door at Congress/Parliament (in any country) that pays off Senators and Congressman (oh and Obama with his half million dollar speeches in Wall St for weakening any regulations with the already piss poor Dodd Frank act) and then gives them jobs as lobbyists to make even more money.

If they are going to ban Redacted Tonight, an American based news show, presented by Americans on American issues just because it has links to the Russian state then they need to ban the BBC, AIPAC, AL-Jazeera and any other foreign "agents", as they are being called.

-The emergency laws enacted after 9.11 that allowed the President to declare war without Congress's permission is not over due for repeal but dangerous and anti-constitutional.

Only Congress can declare War. I suppose this is why we have so many "humanitarian emergencies to involve black hawk helicopters and missile launchers in' protecting the people by dropping "The Mother Of All Bombs" on buildings killing US citizens.

-Having to put masking tape over your webcams and cover microphones, turning GPS off on your phone or even removing batteries (if even possible anymore) to stop triangulation pings, and having GCHQ and the NSA listen and watch you like George Orwell's 1984 is not a 'FREE SOCIETY'.

When George W Bush after 9.11 lied and said the terrorists did this because they hate us for our freedoms we just handed them all away. Laws such as the PATRIOT ACT, NDA, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Torture, lack of Habeas Corpus, GITMO. Plus Allowing kids brought up on computer games shooting people with missiles to work in Las Vegas and kill REAL people in Afghanistan then imprisoning/or killing whistle-blowers and journalists who reveal the truth about Prism, xKeyScore, DNC / Podesta emails that showed Democrat primary fraud. Plus there are people who the US tried to extradite from the UK for almost a decade because they found before and after shots from NASA where alien ships had been removed from pictures before being handed out to universities such as Gary McKinnon .

That is an Oligarchy, power by the few.

A free county should have the politicians work for US not the other way round where institutional corporatism has seen Wall St, Silicon Valley and the MIC tell their puppets in Congress what to vote for. They don't care about you, they care about getting a nice cushy job for doing favours for whatever department they are running in Washington/London/Paris after their political career.

Harry Truman said 'No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook! It can’t be done.' - just look at how many millionaire politicians are in positions of power at the moment e.g Nancy Pelosi.

-If Iran cannot have nukes nor can Israel. Israel is not even in the NPA and we know they gave US secrets to the Russian through the worst US traitor ever, Jonathan Pollard who was freed after 30 years as a bargaining chip to stop illegal Israeli settlements - how did that go. He got over 60 CIA double agents killed due to his info on NATO plans for a nuclear retaliation >

-Talking about nukes, at least we now have a treaty with Iran, which Trump wants to screw up. It ensures excess radioactive material is sent to Russia to be destroyed and that they won't go over a certain percentage needed to make nukes. It is in the Koran not to make such a destructive weapon and Iran has said many time both the mullahs and politicians that they would never build or use one. Iran never dropped missiles on Iraq in their 80's war despite the CIA giving Saddam Hussein the position of Iranian troops knowing he would gas them, killing hundreds of innocent people on a passenger flight, then later telling him it was ok to invade Kuwait >

When he did invade Kuwait for slant drilling for Oil (drilling at an angle to get Oil from Iraq's water rather than their own) the US turned on him like all good US dictator allies have done to them when they are past their usefulness.

Iran NEVER dropped bombs on Baghdad or other Iraqi cities as they believed killing innocent people by their weapons was anti-Islamic.

Why is this never mentioned when talk of Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map with nukes is discussed > > and why is Israels's "Samson Option" > > destroying the world if threatened, taking the whole Bible story temple/or Eastern/Western capital countries with them if threatened with annihilation.  


Tent cities in the richest country on earth due to Wall St kicking people out of their homes due to gambling their pension money. People going bankrupt or even dying because they cannot afford health insurance, kids with a trillion dollars worth of student debt and a country that basically runs on WAR is not a country with a light on the hill for others to look up to but the evil we need to fight before it kills us all.

When you finally wake up and realise we are not the good guys but the baddies then it may come as a shock to the system but facts are facts.

Just 3 books to read that might change your mind. If you have not woken up yet.

War is racket - by Smedley Darlington Butler - America's most decorated soldier.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - The shocking story of how America really took over the world.

Conspiracy the Secret History: In Search of the American Drug Lords - Barry and The Boys From Dallas To Mena - How the Iran/Contra scandal was all about using Mena Airport in Arkansas to fly guns down to the right wing rebels and coke back to Mena airport where the CIA used Ricky Freeway Ross (who made a $1 million a day) to sell thew new cheaper more addictive drug Crack in LA.

They always tipped him off giving him a head start on any police raid on his cooking houses that were always based next to freeways so he could get away fast. Supposedly a photo is supposed to exist that Barry Seal (the pilot shot by the CIA not Colombians as the 'official' story goes) had a secret photo of both Jeb and George W Bush collecting their own stash of coke at Mena, as well as the famous photo of Pablo Escobar helping load the coke onto the plane that started Ronald Reagan's 'war on drugs'. All as he secretly gave Iran arms to pass to Hezbollah who had US hostages in Lebanon.

It is most likely the reason Clinton was given the President's position due to Mena airport being in his state. When they investigated Barry's body they found a phone number and it was the personal phone no of the Vice President and ex head of the CIA, conspirator of the assassination of JFK whose Dad, Prescott Bush, wanted the USA to join Germany and become a Nazi nation during WWII - George H Bush.

Oh and the journalist who broke the story in his series the Dark Alliance series was found dead, apparently by suicide with 2 gun shots in his head.

A lot of people connected with the Clinton's have been found murdered or dead in very strange ways since they came on the scene and it seems to continue with the killing of Seth Rich who was in contact with WikiLeaks and used a USB stick to quickly transfer data from DNC computers. It just isn't possible for a remote hacker say Russians to transfer that much data over the web at that transfer speed. It had to be an "inside job" so to speak, and he paid for it very quickly.

So that's what I am about - come and join me, and if you can donate or visit advertisers then you will really help me out.

By Dark Politricks

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

#Russiagate debunked - A Russian BOT farm just placed adverts on Facebook for click-bate and money

#Russiagate debunked - A Russian BOT farm just placed adverts on Facebook for click-bate and money

The Jimmy Dore Show

This show by Jimmy Dore proves that #Russiagate is a load of bull and the troll farm is just placing adverts on Facebook, half of them after the election, to get clickbate and earn money.

Russian Facebook Adverts
Some of the Russian Facebook adverts placed to apparently "hack" the 2016 US election

Many of these Russian Trollers had little idea of US politics, a bad grasp of English and even posted an advert for cat lovers.

Well many YouTuber's love a good cat video or two rather than real news, so maybe they knew a bit more about the US population than we think!

I will let Jimmy explain in this video.

Watch on The Jimmy Dore Show on YouTube.

Even if I watch one of his videos or another "anti establishment" video on YouTube it never seems to show up in my "Watch History" for some reason.

I see it as more Google de-ranking of any anti-war mongering "It was all Russia" memes that the Democrats believe will help them win the mid terms, as well as an excuse to get their establishment news out rather than what you want to see. More shenanigans.

So the Democrats think just going on about Trump about Russia rather than details actual policies that help the people out will help them win? They are crazy.

People apart from Rachel Maddow and the companies that advertise on her show want her to carry on about Russia as it gives them ratings. The worst thing is if you repeat a lie over and over again enough people start to believe it.

This is building up to another Red McCarthyism Scare for the people to blame Russia when the US meddles, sometimes with invasions and assassinations to influence elections, just read the book "Confessions of an Economic hitman" to see the real picture and watch some of Abby Martins "Empire Files" to see how the "greatest country on Earth" at work.

Even Republicans and the millions of Democrats who left the party to become independents all believe in the sort of progressive policies that people like Bernie Sanders is proposing. He has proved this by going to red states and getting good poll numbers from Trump supporters who want jobs and not to die because they cannot afford health insurance.

Do you think poor people queueing at food banks, or having to live in a tent city really cares about #NothingBurger when they want free medical care, no police brutality, less Wall St fraud and jobs and homes?

What do you think?

By Dark Politricks


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If you have to investigate Trump then you must investigate Hillary Clinton

If you investigate Trump over collusion with a foreign government you have to with Hillary Clinton

By Dark Politricks 
Secular Talk

This video is worth watching if you are still getting mad about #Russiagate, thinking Russia was hacking into machines and trying to fix the US election.

Don't worry it was a millionaire who owned a BOT farm, which placed adverts for cat lovers, black lives matter, anti-Trump and anti-Clinton adverts just to gain click-bait from them and therefore money. You can read more about that here.

Trump may have got information from the Russians but Clinton got her foreign information from Ukraine through a middle man - ex UK spy - who got it from ...... Russia.

So if there is going to be an investigation on Trump and Russia, then there should be one on Hillary and her own dossier, her failure to hand over private "hacked" servers to the FBI, and their excuse for losing to Trump on Russia and a push for WWIII .
This is all over a #NothingBurger and #RussiaGate, something even MSM news watchers are getting tired of.

I will let Kyle tell the story for you and watch the CNN host get stunned by calls from his viewers about his constant going on about Russia just so the Democrats don't have to analyse their last election and where they went wrong.

They went wrong by not including progressive ideas and just attacking Trump. The leaked DNC emails showed they were corrupt for giving Hilary front row, smearing Bernie, and keeping all the money for her to spend on the election.

How did that work without Bernies policies and more of free Medicare, free University, less war, more jobs and a crack down on Wall St. The party lost millions of supporters as well as politicians and it will be hard to get them back if all they talk about is Russia.

All this could have been paid for by the trillion dollars of debt that Trump has already added to the national debt with help from the Democrats when they all voted for him to have his $800 billion for the military and his "wall" with Mexico.

A few closures of foreign military bases as well which are well overdue such as in the UK, Germany and other spots not geo-politically placed to surround Russia or China.

Watch and learn.

So even CNN hosts are shocked when their callers ring in and complaining that they don't care about his spiel on #Russiagate. He does it just to keep his company owners and advertisers happy, and of course blame President Trump on Russia and being Putins puppet, NOT the fact that the Democrats put the most hated politician in the country up against him.

The Democrats need some real policies.

In fact the "dove" party is driving the country towards a war with Russia and all over stupid Russian Facebook adverts and a few meetings that were bugged illegally through FISA court warrants obtained by using leaked info to Yahoo to back them up.

All so the NSA could bug and listen to Trump and everyone 2 hops away from him, his family and friends and their family and friends. I wrote about this two hops NSA FISA scam the other day.

So it's a video worth watching seeing that the "left" (who are now right wing) are pushing for war, and calling for Trump to "defend the country". There were even people on Chis Hayes show who claimed it was just as bad as Pearl Harbour and 9.11, that is apart from no-one died and we got a numpty for President instead of a career politician who wants war with Russia.


By Dark Politricks
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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Twitter is "Protecting you from Russia" by sending emails to Tweeters!

Twitter is "Protecting you from Russia" by sending emails to Tweeters!

By Dark Politricks
The Jimmy Dore Show

You maybe thinking that yes Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Skype and Messenger all track your messages, chats, pictures, videos and interaction on their site, to be kept forever in a huge database in UTAH. Just in-case the FBI come calling.

However with the amount of traffic Twitter get there is no-way they could track every Tweet you have viewed and link you have clicked for the CIA/NSA.

Well unfortunately, yes they do and there is proof for this behaviour.

The Jimmy Dore Show was sent an email from Twitter warning him that some of the Tweets and links he had clicked on during the 2016 Presidential campaign were Russian hacks - whatever that means.

Personally on a daily basis I see more fake news about how easy it is to stockbroker from home at $250 a trade making grannies millionaires than I do about Clinton or Trump.

Fake news are adverts that are designed to look like newspaper articles promoting a particular brand, with tons of positive comments beneath it praising how life changing it is to use.

They often come with a picture of a famous person, maybe on a chat show. The last one I got caught out with was a fake stockbroker, The Brit Method, they wanted you to join and their website looked very easy to use except you couldn't pick your own stocks and had to pay £250 a time to a broker to do that for you - every time from message boards I read up on it before thinking of joining the people had their first £250 trade lose - what a surprise.

All the time a scroller at the side of the site shows people congratulating The Brit Method for making them £1200 from their 1st trade, or letting them give up their jobs as they were earning so much money. All the usual scam tricks like contact us or live chat links not working, emails not being replied to and of course stock images of people from Google Images being used as the faces of the brokers in charge of your assets.

I saw one today whilst scrolling through Facebook pumping out winning tips that no-one seemed to listen to - 4 from 5 winners - good day at Ascot and Haydock. Anyway I saw one of these fake news adverts made out to look like a real posting with about 240 comments from people. None of them apart from me were saying it was fake but they might be a bit dubious at most. The rest were all saying how the system had changed their lives and made them rich - total tosh.

Click on the link and it goes to a fake newspaper article which is more like an advert for the company and it actually had a photo of James Cordon on his chat show with the words at the top of it:
I think it's wonderful now people can earn a decent living from home without hardly working.
Yes it would be nice wouldn't it James!

The only other way is to hand over all the million gigabytes of data you have collected from your users on Facebook and Twitter to the NSA (a reason I am moving to, or win the lottery.

Here the show members discuss the Tweet from Twitter and the insanity of Amerikan Fascism and new anti-Russian McCarthyism.

Watch this Jimmy Dore video on YouTube

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Watch the Jimmy Dore show and hear more debate over Twittter's Orwellian messaging here.

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By Dark Politricks

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Cornell West versus Ta-Nehisi Coates - Why Obama is not like Malcolm X

By Dark Politricks
Secular Talk

Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle, says Cornell West, progressive black elder of the liberal movement.

He doesn't see Obama as any kind of shinning light for the black community, whereas Ta-Nehisi Coates says of him with genuine euphoria:
“As I watched Barack Obama’s star shoot across the political sky ... I had never seen so many white people cheer on a black man who was neither an athlete nor an entertainer. And it seemed that they loved him for this, and I thought in those days ... that they might love me too.”
He also compares him to the last black hero since Malcolm X, where he seems to have missed a few things that President Obama did whilst in office out of his admiration list. Things such as:
  • Increasing the wars the USA was in from 3 to 7 and who knows how many "off book" banana republics the CIA are trying to turn over at the moment.
  • Drone strikes increased allowing PS2 and Xbox generation kids, experts at shooting from the sky to play real life or death scenarios. Sat in a box in Las Vegas they control drones across the world and take out buildings and people who may or may not have any connection with whatever extremest force the Mossad/CIA have created to ensure that the DOD sends troops over to fight there.
  • The implementation of the NDAA which gives the POTUS god like powers and lets him kill even US citizens abroad or at home if he feels they are a threat to the country.
  • The increased surveillance state where scanners at airports show off genitalia to brain-dead FDA staff, or you may be lucky to get a pat down and an accidental finger slipped somewhere. Not nice for the kids to watch for sure. Are there are any studies out that have shown how many terrorist plots these scanners that can easily be bypassed have stopped?
  • The crack down on whistle-blowers and truth to power speakers. He may have let Chelsea Manning out of jail as his pardon present for leaving, but he was the one who put him there in the first place. The war crimes and torture committed by US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other places is a very long list. Videos put up on YouTube of burning Korans and soldiers pissing on dead bodies of people they had just killed, is not the kind of "freedom" that the rest of the world wants. The latest attempt is the Democratic Red Scare and the nonsensical call to label Dr Jill Stein a Russian Agent and ask her to appear before a committee at Congress. It will surely blow up in their faces when she uses cool clean logic to blast them out of the water with real policies that were not heard by the majority during the last election, and hopefully leaving a committee room full of red faces.
  • Allowing the CIA and NSA to do pretty much what they want, whilst selling arms to the most despotic regime on the face of the earth, Saudi Arabia. If one country needs to be taken out of the Middle East it's the Saudi's who are using their alliance with Israel and the USA to increase their battle with Iranian forces. Forces who have helped removed ISIS militants from Syria along with Kurds and Christians.
  • The let off of Wall St after their collapsing of the World Economy in 2008. He should have jailed at least some Banksters like Iceland did. Now out of office and collecting $500,000 payments for after dinner speeches, it looks to a lot of people that he is being paid back from the den of inequity he didn't prosecute or crack down on after they gambled people's wages and pensions away on the stock market.
  • The non prosecution of George W Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes including a preemptive war on Iraq (outlawed by US judges as the worst crime a country could commit against another after WWII at Nuremberg)the torture of enemy soldiers at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib many who were just people picked up by the Northern Alliance and sold to US troops who had nothing to say, nothing to admit and no part played in any anti-US battles. Remember the Taliban are mostly the name we have given the people who already lived in the area we attacked illegally. The Afghani's asked for evidence of bin-Laden's guilt twice and were denied it, as well as offering to hand him over for a fair trial also denied by US HQ. Just imagine if the Chinese invaded the USA. They would be calling all those 2nd amendment tin can shooters a similar name.
  • There are many many more incidences which I could mention but we could go on all night.
Watch Kyle break it down.

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